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Advanced Technology

AED with CPR Sensor and more Advanced Technologies

The Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 fully-automatic makes the difference in life-saving resuscitation. This defibrillator guides you with voice instructions, how quickly the chest compression should be performed.

The Powerheart G5 AED can be equipped with a CPR sensor. With this advanced technology direct feedback is given during CPR about the speed and depth of chest compressions. These two factors largely determine the chances of survival of the victim with a circulatory arrest. The Cardiac Science G5 AED supports the rescuer through voice commands.

The reliability of the Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 fully-automatic is enormous. This defibrillator is produced under the supervision of the FDA. Therefore the quality standard is the highest attainable. FDA stands for Food & Drugs Authority. The FDA monitors the production of medical equipment in USA and is also the body that undergoes the strictest regulations worldwide for manufacturers of medical equipment.

AEDs are not used that often, fortunately. If an Automated External Defibrillator is used, it is important that it does its job. That is why a defibrillator needs to be able to do self-testing on a regular basis.

The Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 self tests daily itself for the following functionalities:
• Presence of electrodes.
• Functionality of the electrodes.
• The battery capacity.
• The capacitor frequency (monthly and weekly).

The Powerheart G5 defibrillator has an extremely accurate asystole detection with threshold measurement. This allows a shock to be applied to the weakest heart signal. This increases the chance of survival. In addition, this defibrillator can deliver a variable shock. This means that the power of each shock delivered is more powerful. Every body has a different resistance. Because the shock of the G5 is variable, this is handled in a smart way.

This makes this one of the most reliable AEDs available. Cardiac Science is the only AED manufacturer that gives a 4-year unconditional warranty on its batteries. If the Battery prompts for replacement before its 4th anniversary, you will receive a new battery with another 4-year guarantee perpetually.

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